Monday, January 23, 2017

Blog 1/23/17

Their poets vanity dies in shame before the sight of the addressee, and the poet wants to make their life simple and straight. To try and make their life simple and straight, they apparently have started writing poems and also has stopped focusing on what they have.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Blog 1/9/17

The ted talks I watched was the child marriage one, where a woman talked about her sister and how she was married by the time she was 11. She then goes on to talk about a child marriage law got passed that says girls can't marry till 18. She was trying to overcome her own societies laws and tradition that ended up forcing her own sister to have three children by the time she was 16. At the time, she had to resist the adults in her community every time they tried to tell her to go to a camp. It shows how much one person can accomplish when they set their minds to changing things for the better.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Blog 12/5/16

The speaker passes by a school where children play, fields of grain, and the setting sun. The house that the speaker passes by seems like its swelling out of the ground, the roof was barely visible, and the cornice was a mound. As for the house described, it might be deaths house and they might be there to be let off to visit death.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Blog 11/21

I think that the heart that fed is somebody that has seen the works of Ozmandias. The poet may be trying to convey a message of despair and desolation based on the descriptive language used in the poem that describes the endless sands that the vast wreckage is found upon. Ozymandias can be described as a mighty and prideful emperor and ruler based on how he displays his works for all to despair.

Monday, November 14, 2016

College vs. Social Media 11/14/2016

I don't think that social media should be that big of a contributing factor to what college you try to get in so long as you have good grades and you try your best in school. I do agree that sometimes kids try to be a character, rather then have character. For instance, there are kids that act out just for attention from other classmates. Rules in the high school with regard to social media are the same as they would be anywhere else, so long as you aren't bullying anyone or posting bad things, nobody cares. I feel like their are specific classes that help to prepare us for life on our own in the future and think that the high school environment prepares us for being around other people in life.

Monday, November 7, 2016


The speaker views the tree in winter, because the the cherry tree is hung with snow, and goes to look at it because the tree blooms in winter. The speaker can be described as infatuated with the tree as they call it the loveliest tree of them all. I think that the poem is really hard to decipher meaning from and that you're better off guessing as to what the meaning is and that that is intentional.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Blog 10/31/16

I have control over who I choose to fight and that decision can be the difference between getting my ass kicked and winning a fight. For instance, if I was to choose to fight some random person I'd be running the risk of maybe that person being a boxer too, and being a better one at that. I also have control over the drugs and alcohol that I consume, but sometimes I can't control myself when I'm around the bottle or the j. I've been getting good at conserving my weed, but sometimes I give in to my impulse and smoke too much at once. I also have control over how much I go out with friends and how much I go to the boxing gym to train. I usually have to balance how much I do either one because its so much fun to get absolutely trashed with other people, but I know its not good for my health to be doing so much.